Thanks to your work, Governor Branstad and Lt. Governor Reynolds have stopped using taxpayer dollars for political gain. Members of our Rapid Response group sent a clear message that government should work for the people. You can join our group and help us on future projects by clicking here. 

Almost There…

Our Rapid Responder’s are keeping politics out of government. Following our post earlier today and an email to our rapid responders exposing Gov. Branstad and Lt. Governor Reynolds’ use of state resources for political gains, the Twitter accounts of both now include a link to their respective official websites instead of their campaign site. 

While we’ve made progress, Lt. Gov. Reynolds still links to the campaign site on her Facebook account and claims the page is “Paid for by Governor Branstad 2010.”

Baby steps. 

Rapid Response: Keep Government Clean

UPDATE: You did it! Gov. Branstad and Lt. Gov. Reynolds have ended this abuse of taxpayer resources. Thank you to all our Rapid Responders. Sign up here to be a part of our program.

Governor Branstad and Lt. Governor Reynolds are using taxpayer resources to build their campaign network and lead visitors of the official governor’s office site to the Branstad/Reynolds website where donations to the campaign are accepted. You can help by calling Governor Branstad’s office at 515-281-5221 and demand the links to their campaign website be removed. Or, if you’re on Twitter, click here to send a message that this behavior is not acceptable.

Before you contact them, take a look at the proof after the jump.

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House Advances Amendment Banning Gay Marriage

The Republican-backed constitutional amendment, which eliminates same-sex marriage and domestic partnerships in Iowa, has passed the Iowa House. Senate Democrats have vowed to fight against writing discrimination into the state’s constitution. 

Gov. Terry Branstad said today he is formulating a “very austere” two-year budget plan that will provide no new money for K-12 schools.
Looks like Gov. Branstad’s going to be putting off his promise to make Iowa schools the best in the nation. [Source]

It’s kind of contrary to the whole idea of creating jobs.
Debi Durham, Gov. Branstad’s pick to lead the Department of Economic Development, on the passage of H.F. 45 by House Republicans. The bill eliminates preschool, the Grow Iowa Values Fund, and the Iowa Power Fund among other programs and services.

The House voted to slash $60 million in funding for preschool programs in the state just hours after lawmakers were warned that cutting back on early childhood education was a fiscal mistake.
The AP reports H.F. 45 has been passed by Republicans in the Iowa House. The bill eliminates preschool funding, the Iowa Power Fund, incentives for entrepreneurs, and sets our state back. Now’s the time to call your Senator and demand they stand up for quality education in Iowa. 

Promises For Iowa Launches

“The need to hold Republicans accountable for their rhetoric is evident, especially considering that their first actions in office have done nothing to strengthen Iowa by creating jobs, a major campaign promise. is a resource for all Iowans to monitor Republicans and hold them accountable. While we stand wholeheartedly in support of promises to create jobs and increase the personal income of Iowans, we will continue to oppose efforts that damage education and vital services for families across the state.”  - Iowa Democratic Party Chairwoman Sue Dvorsky


I’ve been in education for 25 years. The 4-year-old preschool program is the most significant step toward raising student achievement I have ever witnessed. This is the best thing the state of Iowa can do to close the achievement gap.
Mindy Mossman, an elementary school principle, testifying in defense of Iowa’s preschool program that House Republicans are trying to eliminate.